Monday, January 4, 2010

Flying Trapeze

Title of picture - Flying Trapeze

Photographer's Name - Cajsa Lilliehook

Models Name - Cajsa Lilliehook

Location used - My Photosphere

Windlight settings used - Default

Second Life Graphics Settings - Medium, 2:50am

Inworld photo tools used - Photosphere

Details of inworld tools - See notes below

outworld tools used - Photoshop

Processes used in outworld tools -  I shot this photo in my photosphere using the Default setting at 2:50 AM and shifting the angle of the sun/moon.  I have my sphere on the ocean bottom and find the water softens the skin - similar to the blizzard filter but without losing shadows as you do in blizzard. 

In PhotoShop I adjusted for levels, simply dragging the right point to the beginning of content.  I then used render Lighting Effect - the spotlight to make the spotlight effect - again dragging it around to get what I wanted. I increased the exposure of the photo outside the spotlight so that it was not completely dark.

Then I saved the pic as you see in the png.

I then opened the overlay texture from Distressed Textures - (Treasure Textures package), resized it to the size of the picture, copied and pasted on the png, reduced opacity to 31% and saved.

That's it

Comments & Additional info


Cajsa Lilliehook said...
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Cajsa Lilliehook said...

I guess I should have included that I had Anistropic Filtering on, had anti-aliasing @ 8x and the setting were high - though custom, highest on things that affect the picture (objects, avatar) and lowest on draw distance, terrain, trees, etc. I also had Debug Settings for RenderVolumeLODFactor at 4.0. This picture does not actually show the overlay - this is the png before the overlay. The overlay is seen here:

Aldwyn Zanzibar said...
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Aldwyn Zanzibar said...

Thanks for the submission Casja!

I have been getting lots of great comments about the details that the photographers have been sharing, so thanks for the update!

Great Pic!

Rylan Carling said...


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