Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Strike A Pose!

I was chatting with a friend last night about an idea she had for a picture in Second Life.  We determined the hardest parts of these "ideas" is finding the right location, and the right pose.  I posted a question to my friends about their favorite pose shops, and below is the initial list we came up with, with SLURLS!



Long Awkward Pose (LAP)




Reel Expression

Striking Poses

Diesel Works

Slash Me poses


Penny Dreadful Arcade (PDA)

Strike a Pose

Essential Soul

Virtual Elements

Added 01/07/10

Flowey Poses


I will have a notecard inworld available with the above links for anybody that wants it.

Also, if you know of a great pose store that is not on this list, just let me know and I will add it!

Happy Posing!


Peter Stindberg said...

You forgot Flowey by Flutter Memel.

Aldwyn Zanzibar said...

I went over and checked it out, and I added it to the list. Some very good poses over there.

Thanks Peter!

Elana said...

Al awesome post! it is very hard to find the location and pose! I will have this post bookmarked so I can find some good poses! :-D

Peter Stindberg said...

Pffiou, Laleeta Xue

Aldwyn Zanzibar said...

Peter Laleeta Xue has closed down her shop for a bit. She will let me know if she ever decides to open it up again, so I can add her to the list.

Thanks for the names though!


elle kirshner said...

for random silly poses, my shop is a decent resource :) it's Pulling Strings...and i can't seem to paste the SLurl here, but I can send it to you, just let me know where to send :)

Aldwyn Zanzibar said...

Send it over to, and I will check it out!

Thanks elle!

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