Monday, January 11, 2010

The Windlight Difference even on Low Graphics

Title of picture - The Windlight Difference even on Low Graphics

Photographer's Name - Aldwyn Zanzibar

Models Name - Aldwyn Zanzibar

Location used - My own custom Studio

Poses Used - MMP3 Standing Pose 5 from Serenade

Windlight settings used - For Left Pic, default, for right pic, Custom Windlight settings designed by Caliah Lyon, both set on midday

Second Life Graphics Settings - Low, with a few tweaks below:

Inworld photo tools used - None

Details of inworld tools - NA

outworld tools used -

Processes used in outworld tools -  Just a cut and paste to get the two photos side by side

Comments & Additional info

I asked a question regarding photographing skins inworld, and Barbara Nichols dropped me a notecard she had about some great windlight settings to use for skin photography.  I wanted to do an experiment on using the lowest graphics settings to see the difference.  Here is the notecard she sent me.


* The default light in second life generates some very annoying shadows, this results in a horizontal line for the blond straight hairstyles and dark puffy spots in your avatars face. We used to be able to deal with these issues by attaching (face)lights. But in the new (WL) viewer light-attachments are blinding us mostly and are no longer a solution to the shadow-issues anyway. The best way to deal with these shadows now is to adjust your light at the 'environmental settings' --> 'environment editor'.  Caliah Lyon has shared some great settings she created by tweaking the default midday. It's a beautiful bright light, without loosing all contrast.
Thank you Caliah, for sharing these with us :)

The Atmosphere Tab:

Blue Horizon: R: 0.12, G: 0.12, B: 0.16, I: 0.16
Haze Horizon: 0.09
Blue Density: R: 0.32, G: 0.59, B: 1.00, I: 1:00
Haze Density: 0.65
Density Multiplier: 0.18
Distance Multiplier: 2.0
Max Altitude: 188

The Lighting Tab:

Sun/Moon Color: R, G, B and I at 0.86
Sun/Moon Position: 0.000
Ambient: R: 0.67, G: 0.64, B: 0.63, I: 0.67 (raise I up to 0.70 for outdoor settings)
East Angle: 0.16
Sun Glow: Focus: 0.10 Size 1.75
Scene Gamma: 1.08-1.15
Star Brightness: 0.00

The Clouds Tab:
Cloud Coverage: 0.13
(other setting in cloud tab can stay the way they are)

Save this under a "New" preset. (or any other name that you will be able to remember..:P )

Barbara Nicholls

Barbara Nichol


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