Monday, January 4, 2010

The Sketch

Title of picture - The sketch

Photographer's Name - Rylan Carling

Models Name - Cole Kaestner (sneak attack)

Location used - Some random store

Poses Used - None, outside of models AO

Windlight settings used - Basic default, played with lighting to get best shadow reduction

Second Life Graphics Settings - Medium

Inworld photo tools used - None

Details of inworld tools - NA

outworld tools used - Photoshop

Processes used in outworld tools - I cleaned up the picture using liquify and some shading before I started to play around with texture options.

1.  The "sketch effect"...When the basic picture was to my liking, I went into the filter gallery.  Using Charcoal, I played with the sidebars to get the exact effect I liked.  Depending on your basic picture, my numbers were:  thickness 5, detail 5, balance 60.

2.  Border: This one is simple.  When you have achieved the look that you want, double click on the most recent layer (the one farthest up.)  This will take you into the Layer Style.  Here, I use inner glow.  I switch blend mode to NORMAL, 100% opacity.  I cange the color to black, you can use whatever color best suits your needs!  Choke to 100% and then play with the size to achieve the thickness that best suits your needs! 

I hope all that makes sense!!!    

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