Monday, January 4, 2010


Title of picture - Lighthouse

Photographer's Name - Peter Stindberg (

Models Name - Nissa Nightfire

Poses Used - Custom Pose made by Peter Stindberg

Location used - Cataclysm (not really important for this photo, but can recommend the vistas in Cataclysm)

Windlight setting used - Default

Second Life Graphics Settings - Ultra, 2x antialiasing, anisotropic filtering on

Inworld photo tools used - None

Out of world tools used - Photoshop

Processes used in outworld tools - The photo consists of 5 seperate photographed layers. The clothing conists of two outfits that would eliminate each other layerwise, so that the two shots per outfit were necessary. Those 4 shots were then combined into the final outfit. Seperate layers of the final outfit  were enhanced with drop shadows to add depth to the photo. Hard edges, especially were prim clothing meets texture clothing, where smoothed with the various tools: traditional smoothing, cloning, repair brushes but also liquify. Jerky geometry triangles (for example around the breasts) were subtly smoothed using liquify as well. The background of the shot was seperated using a depth shot mask. The texture of the lighthouse (thus the name of the photo) looked too photorealistic, so I made it more cartoon-like. The last touch was a small dropshadow of the person on the lighthouse wall.

Comments & Additional info
I made a custom pose for this photo in QAvimator. The pose took 3 iterations before it worked as intended with the model. The selection of the outfit took Nissa a great deal of time. All in all this photo took 3 weeks from first idea to completion. Post-processing took a day. Flickr-Link:


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