Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Relaxing a bit too much?

Title of picture -Relaxing a bit too much?

Photographer's Name -Aldwyn Zanzibar

Models Name - Aldwyn Zanzibar

Location used - My back deck

Poses Used - Built in sitting pose in my deck chair

Windlight settings used - Incongruent Truth - Sunset

Second Life Graphics Settings - HIGH with all options at max

Inworld photo tools used - None

Details of inworld tools - NA

outworld tools used -

Processes used in outworld tools - First thing I did, was run the sharpen tool on the pic.  Then I adjusted the Brightness to 30, and the Contrast to 30.  I then ran the "soften portrait" tool, setting Softness to 10, lighting to 10, and warmth to 20.  Then I ran the "Zoom Blur" tool on it, with my face as the center of the focus.

Comments & Additional info
 I was just playing around, to see what I could do in some more.   I am really enjoying this program.  It's not quite as thorough as Photoshop obviously, but it has enough tools to really have some fun!


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