Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There's a light in the darkness

Title of picture - There's a light in the darkness

Photographer's Name - Chandni Khondji

Models Name - Chandni Khondji

Location used - MC Photostudio

Poses Used - Unknown (part of a pose stand)

Windlight settings used - Pre-loaded  AnaLutetia AvatarOpt whiter

Second Life Graphics Settings - Custom: Lowest, view 64, with bump mapping and shiny, Mesh Details High,  nearby local lights

Inworld photo tools used - Photostudio for pose and background

Details of inworld tools - NA

Outworld tools used - Photoshop CS2

Processes used in outworld tools -

Base has been the Avatar posing in front of the Background. First Processing has been to increase saturation and contrast to make it more vivid.

Since the lights of the background come from the front i made the area behind the Avatar darker and before it brighter with semi transparent layers of black and white in those areas.

Then I used another layer as overlay for the white highlights on the front of the avatar and the dress to show where the light hits it. With the dodge tool and a soft round brush I highlighted the areas of the front skirt.
The Sparkles are made with different sets of brushes, the long trails i copied and put a gaussian blur filter over the copy for some glow effect.

Next step has been to highlight the hand, arm, chest and face to show the light effect of the sparkles - done with an semi transparent layer with white brush strokes (soft round brush).
The Frame was added with a selection, invert and fill with black, added a blending mode drop shadow for more depth.

The last step has been to copy the foot and put it over the frame to make it look as if she steps out of it.
Done :)

Comments & Additional info

This picture was not planned. I actually played around with the photostudio while being bored and found the background interesting and had this pose from a picture i made before. I did not know what will come out once again the playing in Photoshop was more because i was bored. The first time i did this image with a different model (an alt of mine) but i wanted to have it with my main as well :) This is the second version.


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