Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Title of picture - After

Photographer's Name - Tess Falworth - (

Models Name - Tess Falworth

Location used - my own studio

Windlight settings used -  Ana Lu's studio 5

Second Life Graphics Settings - medium, with a facelight

Inworld photo tools used - N30 photostudio

outworld tools used - Photoshop CS3

Processes used in outworld tools - took the image and duped it.. overlayed it. Then took a texture, the purply one, and overlayed it but made it "soft light" setting. Then, used gaussian blur setting on the topmost copy of the image itself.. about 8.0 or so. Then, smoothed out edges. Then used some brushes from Deviant art to create the "bubbles"..then used the sharpen tool to sharpen the edges. The overall effect was a watercolor with the pencil sketch outline still visible.

Comments & Additional info
Shape: my own
Skin: Curio..Winter in moonglow
hair: Exile.. Jenna in browns
Eyes: Redgrave..Neverforget
armbracers: CatNip


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