Monday, December 21, 2009

Custom Gift Card

Title of picture - Secret Santa Gift Card

Photographer's Name - Aldwyn Zanzibar

Models Name - Aldwyn Zanzibar

Location used - NA

Windlight settings used - Analu. outdoor city midday

Second Life Graphics Settings - Ultra

Inworld photo tools used - A little Studio I built myself, to create a greenscreen behind me

Details of inworld tools - Used a pose lent to me by a friend and held the gifts, with the greenscreen behind me

outworld tools used -
                                   Photoshop (just a tiny bit)

Processes used in outworld tools - 
I used to create the 3D text for the card.  Cooltext is great, because the images it creates already have a transparent background.  I found the gift card image using image search on google.  Using, I created a different layer for each item, then imported the text, and the inworld SL picture of me into different layers.  I didn't get tooo fancy, really does make using layers super easy.

Comments & Additional info
I only used Photoshop to help me remove the greenscreen for my inworld shot.  I need to learn to do this in, but I already knew how to do it in PS, so I quickly did it there.  Everything else was done in  One thing about, is that it cannot open multiple images at once, so I had to load up the text images for example, cut them out, then load up my project, and paste them in a layer.  This was pretty easy to do, especially for a free program.


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