Monday, December 7, 2009

In The Grass

Flickr Link - In The Grass

Title of picture - In The Grass 

Photographer's Name - Kitina Celt

Models Name - Kitina Celt

Location used  - My home in SL

Windlight settings used - * Starley * Setting 2

Second Life Graphics Settings - Medium

Inworld photo tools used -  None

Details of inworld tools - NA

outworld tools used - Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2

Processes used in outworld tools -
my process is 2 layer pics, the first one start off with smoothing the edges some, using a smudge smear tool to move around some and then creating a 2nd layer duplicate on top of it - then I sheer that layer some and on the bottom layer add Gausian Blur to the then messing with a fliter on the pic called Time machine which has several settings in it.  I also used different lighting effects on the layers to create it.

Comments & Additional info 
Basically I just take pictures I get a idea about all sudden and then it inspries me to get in my creative mode.


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