Friday, December 4, 2009

Windlight Preset - Ana Lutetia's Studio

Title of picture - Day 24.  No, really. LOL  I don't title things, but
I took it for the 365 day blog project.

Photographer & Model: Alicia Chenaux

Location used: Above my house on Bluebonnet

Windlight settings used: I started with Ana Lutetia's Studio preset
[from the Emerald viewer presets] and then adjusted just slightly.)

Second Life Graphics Settings: High

Inworld photo tools used (photostudio, filtercam, etc): I'm using the
Sci-Fi Hallway from Glitterati and the Tryptic filter from FilterCam

outworld tools used (Photoshop,, etc): Photoshop CS2 & PhotoScape

Processes used in outworld tools (source of textures, brushes, other
items used, etc):
In Photoshop I used liquify to smooth out any jagged
edges and used the clone stamp to remove hair that was sticking out
through my arm.  I also used a tutorial by Ryker Beck
( to smooth out my face.  I
also used a very light brush to paint in a slight shadow, but I'm not
very good at that, so it's not much.  After that, I moved the photo to
PhotoScape and used the Cinema filter and a light vignette on the
sides, and finished it with a thin black frame.

Thank you Alicia for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Amazing, the light is perfect, the place is magic, the girl really moves, i can even hear the music there, maybe a cd player on the floor, i dont know. well is a piece of artwork.


Anonymous said...

awesome pic... gorgeous

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