Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Says

Flickr Link -

Title of picture - Who Says

Photographer's Name - Felicity Blumenthal

Models Name - Felicity Blumenthal

Pose used  - Olive Juice - The ASS in Class

Location used - My Private home in SL

Windlight settings used - NONE!  Srsly.  My WL doesn't work

Second Life Graphics Settings - Lowest of the Lowest settings

Inworld photo toolsd  used - Serenade Photo Studio Pro V2.0

Details of inworld tools - White background on the Studio, as well as ALL lights on.

Outworld tools used - I'ma Photoshop girl

Processes used in outworld tools - 
Alrighty, lets see if I can splain...   So, I removed the white background from the image first, then I use the blur tool to smooth any rough edges and any left over pixelating I can see.

Then I adjust the brightness and contrast, generally about a -10 on brightness and +10 on contrast.  Followed by adjusting the shadow/highlight, this is usually a 10% or so on the shadows and 1 or 2% on highlighting.

After that I duplicate the layer, and give the lower layer a gaussian blur, and then make the upper layer semi transparent (usually some where around 40%).  I merge both these layers, so there is only one (in addition to the background)
To create the shadow I duplicated the layer again, and then selected the lower layer and filled it with black, gave it a gaussian blur, and again, made it semi transparent.  For the background glow, I used a spotlight lighting effect.  Then I added a line, and created a drop shadow to give it the look that the avie is leaning against the floor.

Finally, I used the marquee tool to select the lower portion of the hair, and skewed it to the right, to give it the effect that her hair is laying on the floor.

Comments & Additional info
I always minimize my image to 50% for the final, the max resolution I can manage out of my laptop is about 2000 x 1200, so resizing the image to 50% really cuts down on the pixelated edges and such


Bella Baroque said...

very nice pic! so cool that you explain how you did it too. thanks for using my pose! this is just amazing :D

Anonymous said...

I just looove love love this pic! Thanks for sharing the process Fel. <3

Lil Hapmouche said...

Thanks a lot for those hints on the photoshopping, especially the gaussian blur. I usually blur the upper layer and merge it, gonna try the lower one now and see how that'll turn out. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a great explanation of how you achieved this awesome pic. It really shows how great pics can be achieved even without high graphics settings and that is probably news to many (including me lol!)


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