Monday, December 7, 2009

My Son & I

Title - My Son & I

Photographer's Name - Morgana Hilra

Models Names - Morgana Hilra & Zipben Aeon

Location used - My SL Home

Windlight settings used - "Mid Day"

Second Life Graphics Settings  - High

Inworld photo tools used - Photolife Photo Studio

Details of inworld tools - Posed for using Photolife

outworld tools used - PhotoShop & Mystical Lighting

Processes used in outworld tools -
Family RL vacationing photos used for background, photos were taken panoramic style.. best for that 3d effect.

Also, in Photoshop, made several layers, and used the render, lighting effects, as well as blur, lens blur set at 22, then layer option lighten.

Lol, done over and over again, til you get the style that you prefer.

(need to stress, render lighting effects MUST be high shiney, and metal for a glossy effect).

Comments & Additional info

Zip has been my son, for over two years now.. he adopted me, and I stuck by him.


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