Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Come, come dance with me..

Title of picture - "Come, come dance with me..." (title is inspired from "butterfly" by Crazy Town)

Photographer's Name - Tess Falworth

Models Name - Tess Falworth

Location used - My Studio

Windlight settings used - Ana Lu studio 5 (it's my personal favorite)

Second Life Graphics Settings - Medium

Inworld photo tools used - N30 studio with a background purchased from Xstreet

Details of inworld tools - NA

outworld tools used - Photoshop CS3

Processes used in outworld tools - 
Background is from Xstreet

brushes from Deviant art
butterflies from Unholy Stock from Deviant Art
used one texture overlayed over the picture...from pareerica in Flickr
1)First, took the background, copied it, overlayed it to richen the colors, used gaussian blur to about 7 or so
2)Then, took my pic and used the cropping tool and placed it in the backgroud.
2)copied and overlayed the image of me, using soft light setting in photshop, gaussian blurred the top layer, using about 7.5 or so
3)once I got the right color saturation, I added the butterflies, copying each one, overlaying them, and then used gaussian blur at about 7 or so..just played with the slider til it looked good
4) used the blurr tool to smudge the edges a bit
5) then rendered a flash on photoshop, right behind my face betweemy cheek and my arm to make a nice glow
6)then took the texture and overlayed it.. using gaussian blur to aboutt 20 to make it smooth

Comments & Additional info

Skin by Curio, June in Acorn
Hair by 69
eyes from Redgrave, Neverforget
Shape by me...original
lingerie by blacklisted, badthings
arm bracers by CatNip


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