Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even when the sky is falling down

Title of picture - "Even when the sky is falling down" 

Photographer's Name - Tess Falworth (

Models Name - Tess Falworth

Location used - Taken at Rez

Windlight settings used - Coastal Sunset

Second Life Graphics Settings - High

Inworld photo tools used - Just a facelight

Details of inworld tools - NA

outworld tools used - Photoshop CS3

Processes used in outworld tools -

1) did my usual cropping to make the image tighter
2) took a copy and overlayed it on itself, using soft light setting in photoshop
3) desaturated the bottom layer a bit, enough to tone down the colors but still keep some
4) used the blur tool to smooth out rough edges
5) added the butterflies from  Deviant Art, from Unholy Stock, sort of my signature butterflies now, I've used them over and over..I like them becuase they are individual and their background is transparent, so I can crop them use them singly anywhere I want.
6) overlayed a texture by Max F. Williams from Flickr, using soft light setting in photoshop. This is my absolute FAVE texture. I thik 90% of my textured pics have this texture in one form or another.

Comments & Additional info

The thing about pics in SL.. it all starts with a good capture. After that what you do to enhance it just makes it all the more lovely. :)
Shape : my own..*smiles*
Skin: League
Eyes: Redgrave, Neverforget in Cyan
Hair: Zero Style
Tattoo: Garden of Ku
Bracers, collar, and boots: CatNip
Ears and Tail: K&L
Top: Immerschoen
Jeans: WoW
My own two cents: Redgrave eyes photograph amazingly well, as do their skins. But, lately, I've been partial to Curio and League. Zero Style hair is incredibly realistic in pics and has amazing flowiness :)  While I didn't  before, now when I shop for clothes, hair, skins, etc, I ask ":will this look good in a pic?" if so then I get it.. if not, then.. no. Generally speaking, the better the textures and the more detailed, the better it will look in an SL pic. Just my own opinion *grins*


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