Monday, December 21, 2009

"A Picture is worth a thousand words"


Title of picture - "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

Photographer's Name - Strawberry Singh

Models Name - Strawberry Singh

Location used - My Home

Windlight settings used - Default Midday with Scene Gamma increased to 2.09

Second Life Graphics Settings - Ultra

Inworld photo tools used - None

Details of inworld tools - NA

Outworld tools used - Photoshop

Processes used in outworld tools - Liquify, blur, burn, dodge, sharpen - I really didn't do much to this picture.

Comments & Additional info
The most important part of my pictures comes from the quality of the raw shot.  I always take my pics on ultra graphics and try to find the most suitable windlight preset for the skin, clothes and background I am shooting.  For up close face shots I usually use the midday with increased gamma and then play around with brightness and contrast in photoshop to get the best result.  I also usually reduce saturation often, although I did not do that here.  Liquify is also usually the first and most important thing I do.  Liquifying really makes a huge difference.  For a great liquify tutorial see this video:

The burn tool was used to create the shadows under the legs.


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