Monday, December 7, 2009

Mochi Pile Up

Title of picture - Mochi Pile Up
Flickr Entry

Photographer's Name - Morgana Hilra

Models Name -  Mochi Milena

Location used - Posed for inworld

Windlight settings used - Default

Second Life Graphics Settings - High

Inworld photo tools used - Photolife Studio

Details of inworld tools - Photolife used for pose and generic background

outworld tools used - Photoshop, and lots of it

Processes used in outworld tools:

Filters used - Render, lighting, high shine, mid plastic/metal

Many layers..

Cloud rendering, layer setting lighten.

One duplicate layer, set to noir, and eraser to bring mild color thru.

Comments & Additional info


Gogo said...

Mochi is an incredible artist... <3

Morgana Hilra said...

mochi was the model hun.. lol.. the work was me.

Vitality said...

I have photoshop 7 and am learning slowly,how do you add a high shine to the photo?

Morgana Hilra said...

oh, the shine.. i do it by making, like, 3 or 4 duplicate copies of the photo..
then, i play with the render, lighting effects.
I normally, use flashlight.
Then, play with the layer style..
I prefer "lighten"..
Then, just, go to each layer, and choose what style is best for you.
Also, the top layer, I use the eraser tool, too lighten it, so the lower layers show thru.
Sorry if the description sucks, I am not a great teacher, lol.

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